Refund Policy

Online Donations

You can schedule new contributions at any time and can modify or cancel those contributions at any time prior to the date they are scheduled. Once the contribution has been processed, however, it cannot be cancelled or refunded. For problems or concerns related to this, please contact us at

Other Online Payments

On occasion, The University of Texas at Arlington Alumni Association may collect fees associated with event registrations, activities, and/or supplies associated with those events and activities. If a refund is requested, it must be done so through the Treasurer who can be contacted at

All refund decisions will be based on several factors relating to the transaction for which you are requesting the refund. These factors can be based on the following criteria:

  1. Did the Alumni Association incur any expenses to secure your participation in the event that we are unable to reclaim?
  2. Was the event noted as non-refundable (or a non-refundable date provided which has past)?

Decisions to override this policy are reserved to the Board of Directors.

If you have any further questions related to these policies, please contact us at