UTA has a student base that is second to none.  It is an honor for the Alumni Association's Scholarship Committee to award scholarships to such exceptional students.  The Association is constantly striving to increase our number of scholarships because we do have so many amazing students who could benefit.  The Wuhan Virus put an upsetting to plans this year, but our Scholarship Committee, including various of our Directors worked virtually and in spite of hurdles to get these scholarships into deserving hands.  Special thanks to Mary Ann Van Siclen for being the friendly voice/contact Board Member reassuring winners that the Virus had not prevailed and letting the others down gently.  That's a true skill.      

This year's scholarships awardees were:

  • Frankie Stewart Hansell Scholarship - Valentina Bulhoes
  • Michael and Jennifer Cathcart Alumni Scholarship -Koosha Jamali
  • Vanguard Charitable - Women in Science and Engineering Scholarship - Hailey Phillips            Graciously donated by Paramita Bandyopadhyay and Bhaskar DasGupta of Chicago, Illinois. 
  •  The C. Sue Brown, College of Science Distinguished Alumni Scholarship - Archit Jaiswal
  • The Gloria Bender, College of Engineering Distinguished Alumni Scholarship - Srijesh Lamichhare



The Frankie Hansell Trust Scholarship is a $1000 award which can be recurring, available to sophomore to senior undergraduates showing financial need, and carrying a GPA of at least 3.2.  

Frankie Stewart Hansell entered North Texas Agriculture College (now UTA) in 1932 after being Salutatorian of her class as Cooper High School.  She was 17 with $17 in her pocket.  Graduating in 1934 she subsequently taught for three years and earned a Bachelor's degree.  During her time in a "Miss Morgan" type of post with Bexar County, she met and married John Hansell.  Subsequently, Mrs. Hansell held positions with the City of New York and the U.S. government.  Finally, she rose to the international service level where she worked in India, Thailand, and Italy.  She spent approximately 20 years at that level before retiring to Arlington.  Mrs. Hansell's establishment of her endowment fund was to celebrate the lives of her family and friends who contributed to the richness and joy in her own life.  She believed that ambitious and intelligent young people should receive maximum encouragement and support to develop their potential.  She hoped, therefore, that the scholarship would attract highly motivated scholars and help them achieve their goals.

The Michael and Jennifer Cathcart Alumni Scholarship ($500) is available to any student enrolled in a degree program at UT-Arlington at any level.  Eligible applicants must have demonstrated extra-curricular involvement in on-campus activities.  The scholarship is non-renewable; both need and merit will be considered.  

The Women in Science and Engineering Scholarship ($500) is available to students in Science and Engineering degree programs at UT-Arlington at any level.  Eligible applicants should demonstrate involvement and leadership in their respective fields.  The scholarship is non-renewable; both merit and need will be considered.  This scholarship has been provided courtesy of Paramita Bandyopadhyay and Bhaskar DasGupta. 


Application forms can be downloaded below.  We are all volunteer, all the time, and our love for the Alumni, past present and future will keep us moving forward.  Remember, applications are due no later than the indicated February 17, 2020 date