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Annual Membership

Annual Membership is the way to stay connected to UT-Arlington. Not only do you receive all the benefits and services we offer, but your dues help support Alumni Association programs that generate thousands of dollars each year for student scholarships. (Individual - $45, Joint - $70)

Century Club Membership

The Century Club is a way for you to make a significant contribution to your alma mater. This annual membership allows you to receive full Alumni Association benefits, as well as a gift from the Alumni Association. You also will receive personal invitations to exclusive Alumni Association events. (Individual - $100, Joint - $150)

Life Membership

Life membership grows the association’s endowment, a dedicated source of funds for scholarships. Life members receive full Alumni Association benefits, as well as a permanent Life member card and Life member certificate. You also will receive personal invitations to exclusive Alumni Association events such as the Distinguished Alumni Gala and the 1895 Society Reception. To see a full list of Life Members, click here. You can now become a Life Member online, and a payment plan is available.(Individual - $1,000, Joint - $1,500)

Senior Membership

Senior membership is available to persons who are 65 and over. Senior members receive the full benefits of the Alumni Association, but at a discounted rate. (Individual - $30, Joint - $55)

Faculty/Staff Membership

This discounted membership is only available to UT-Arlington’s faculty and staff who wish to support the Alumni Association and its programs. This membership is only available online. (Individual - $25)

Recent Grad Membership

Recent graduates of UT Arlington are eligible for the Recent Grad Membership option in the Alumni Association for only $20. You must have graduated within the past year. With the benefits you receive, $20 for an Annual Membership is a steal. This is currently available to graduates from  August 2013 to the present.

Monumental Maverick Fund

The Monumental Maverick Fund is a voluntary way for current members and friends of the Association to provide additional, annual support to the Association at tax-deductible levels. Your Monumental Maverick Fund contribution will count toward your lifetime giving to the university. These contributions will be used by the Association to the support necessary programs, including scholarships, student leadership opportunities, events, and much more. Your decision to participate in the Monumental Maverick Fund will not affect the benefits and services you already receive as a valued member. To see a full list of Monumental Maverick Fund members and to donate, click here.

Constituent Groups/Chapters

To join one of our Constituent Groups or Chapters, you must be a current member of the Alumni Association. If you are already a current member, please click HERE to join one of our chapters. If you are not a current member of the Association, please join through this form, and then you will have access to join a chapter.

SAA Annual Membership

Annual membership is a quick way for students to get involved with the Student Alumni Association and get all the benefits that come with being a member. Membership expires after one year and members will be prompted to renew each year that they are eligible. This program is designed for new or currently enrolled UT Arlington students. Click HERE to join the Student Alumni Association.


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