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Oozeball FAQS

What is the purpose of Oozeball?

The event is co-hosted by the Maverick Marauders – a student organization sponsored by the UT Arlington Alumni Association – and the Department of Campus Recreation with the purpose to:

  • Raise money for student scholarships
  • Foster a since of campus pride and tradition
  • Create lasting muddy memories for Mavericks

Where and how do I register?

The easiest way to sign up a team is to register online. You must have a credit/debit card or department IDT # to register online. Teams can register at the Alumni Association with cash or check. Registration forms can be downloaded from the Oozeball website. Team liability waivers and admission fees are required by the registration deadline or teams will not be placed on the bracket. A team cannot register without payment.

Teams paying by check: Please submit ONE check for the entire team payable to UT Arlington Alumni Association.

Oozeball registration is limited, so register early!!!

Who can play?

The UT Arlington community is welcome and encouraged to attend Oozeball. However, teams must be formed with a minimum of five or up to six UT Arlington student players, with two participants required to be female.

Why is Oozeball $75 per team?

In order to cover expenses associated with Oozeball, we charge $75 per team. However, in addition to admittance to the tournament, your admission fee gets your team six free official Oozeball T-shirts and a roll of duct tape – a necessary tool to keep shoes on while playing in the muddy courts.

Proceeds from Oozeball fund the Student Alumni Association Sophomore Scholarship.

Why do I need two females on the team?

In order to keep the teams as fair as possible, teams are required to have a minimum of two females on their team (and on the court) at all times. By enforcing this rule, we can make the tournament "match-ups" as fair as possible to all teams and their players.

What is the Captain’s Meeting?

The Captain’s Meeting is an official meeting held the day of the tournament. The captain or a representative of each team is required to attend this meeting. At the meeting, start times, court placements, and official rules for Oozeball will be announced. Attendance is mandatory as start times and court placements are assigned at this meeting. If you have additional questions regarding the Captain’s Meeting, please contact us.

How are times, matchups, and court assignments determined?

Game times and placement in the bracket is random. Teams cannot request a specific time, opponent, or court assignment.

Why are there restrictions on team names?

While creativity is encouraged, team names must be screened and approved before they are placed on the official bracket. Anything that may be offensive or degrading to anybody will not be accepted as a team name.

Is lunch offered?

No, lunch will not be provided. Cold drinks can be purchased at the Oozeball registration tent during the tournament. Bring Cash!

What is the prize for winning Oozeball?

Awards will be given to the top three teams.

Who is responsible for any possible injuries or damages?

Upon signing the Oozeball Waiver Form, participants agree the The University of Texas at Arlington, UT Arlington Alumni Association, the City of Arlington, and all other persons and entities associated with Oozeball will not be held accountable for any type of injury or damages.

Please leave valuables at home and only bring what is necessary for admittance into the tournament.

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