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Application guidelines


Deadline: February 17, 2013 is the deadline for Alumni Association scholarships.  Admission to The University of Texas at Arlington is separate. All scholarship applications and supporting documentation must be received at the Alumni Association offices, 841 W. Mitchell St., by 4:30 p.m. on February 17th. Applicants seeking consideration for multiple scholarships must submit a separate application packet to be considered for each award. Students seeking Alumni Association scholarship(s) renewal must file a new application each year.

All Alumni Association scholarships require the following:
(Specific scholarships may require additional documentation. See scholarship descriptions.) 

I. Application form -- Click here to apply!

  •  Only one application form required in order to build applicant file. Student will indicate on the form which scholarship(s) he/she wish to be considered.

II. Letter of application (required for each scholarship)

  • Why do you feel you deserve this scholarship?
  • How would this scholarship benefit you? Please address financial need.
  • How would you bring honor to your alma mater if awarded this scholarship?
  • Describe your involvement in campus organizations, any outside activities and any honors and achievements.
  • List career goals

III. Official UTA academic transcript

  • A free copy will be sent directly to the Alumni Association by the Registrar's office for all students who place their request in person.  Online requests will be subject to a nominal fee. High school students can send unofficial transcripts. Applicant is only required to submit one transcript.

IV.  Current UT Arlington enrollment and good academic standing 

  • Incoming freshmen or transfer students must be enrolled before award will be dispersed.  

V. Two letters of reference for each scholarship

  • Classroom/academic strength (faculty member or academic advisor)
  • Campus involvement (university staff member; another faculty member is acceptable)

Note:  It is important that applicants select recommenders carefully. We rely on their input to enhance our understanding of each candidate. Applicants must communicate clearly with these individuals about the importance of their recommendations, and allow them sufficient time to complete their recommendations thoroughly.

Reference letters are not permitted to be written by students (resident assistants and organization presidents are not considered appropriate references).

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