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Official Maverick Ring Ceremony


Students and alumni now have the opportunity to participate in the newest tradition on campus – the Official Maverick Ring Ceremony. Two ceremonies are held each year - a Spring ceremony in May and a Fall ceremony in December.

The Official Maverick Ring Ceremony marks a special time in a Maverick’s life – when they receive their Official Maverick Ring, a lifetime symbol of their pride for The University of Texas at Arlington. The Official Maverick Ring is personally given by either the President or the Provost of the University. Photography provided through Flash Photography

The recipient will also have an opportunity to sign the Official Maverick Ring Registry. Only participants who receive their Official Maverick Ring during the Ring Ceremony will be able to sign the Registry. When all the students have received their Official Maverick Ring, there is a ceremonious opening of the ring boxes followed by the story of the Ring.

After the ceremony, all the newest Official Maverick Ring recipients and their guests are invited to a reception immediately following the reception where they can have more photos taken with Blaze the Mascot.

For more details about the Official Maverick Ring and who is eligible to wear the ring, click here.


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