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Nursing Alumni Council

Chapter Leadership 2013
 President Alitha Jones
 Vice President Nicole Edwards 
 Immediate Past-President     Edward Deveau        

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From the President

As President of the Nursing Alumni Council for the University of Texas at Arlington, I am excited to be part of a revitalized effort to engage our nursing alumni.  Our new website, established under the Alumni Association for the University, is a magnificent source of information for all current and future alumni. 
Our first goal is to help you reconnect and nurture relationships with classmates.  The Council is available to help plan reunions, mixers, or other events.  Events such as these provide an excellent opportunity for professional growth and social interaction.  

Second, we desire to promote and enhance effective communications between the University and its alumni and we desire to encourage financial support of the College of Nursing.  Each spring we will center our efforts on supporting the Dream Makers luncheon the first Monday in March.  Attending the luncheon benefits the scholarship fund for the College of Nursing and provides a superb occasion to network with faculty, students, alumni and with top community leaders in the field of nursing.

Third, we want to assist future alumni by mentoring current nursing students with a particular focus on the graduating seniors.  Mentoring nursing students is critical as students start their employment as newly minted RNs.  This mentorship is a luxury that not all students have readily available.  By working with the College of Nursing we help new graduates make the transition into the workforce. I encourage you to become active with your Nursing Alumni Council.  To best serve our alumni, we need to hear from you.  We welcome your input and encourage your participation.  I look forward to meeting you at one of our events.


The purpose of the Nursing Alumni Council is to help alumni stay connected and involved with the UT Arlington School of Nursing and network with one another.


Membership is open to all graduates and supporters of UT Arlington.


Photos below from - College of Nursing: Dream Makers 2011

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