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The Student Alumni Association is one of the largest organizations on campus with more than 2,000 members. We are dedicated to engaging students at The University of Texas at Arlington and assisting them in their journey to graduation. SAA helps support students during their time on campus and offers members valuable opportunities to make new friends, develop leadership skills, network with Maverick alumni, and get involved on campus.

We also have an outstanding resource that no other organization can compete with: thousands of alumni.  Networking is critical whether you're looking for a summer internship, a job, or even advice. 

Any UT Arlington Student Can Join SAA!

•We have no GPA requirements
•We have no college requirements
•We have no attendance requirements
•You only have to pay $20
•You get A LOT of free stuff
•You get to be a integral part of some of UT Arlington's oldest (and most awesome) events!

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