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Flat Blaze Maverick

Wanted: Fun Travel Companions

Meet Flat Blaze Maverick... UT Arlington's portable mascot! This trail-blazing Maverick loves to have his picture taken and also loves to travel - through the U.S. Mail and over the Internet. 

Flat Blaze Maverick is based on the book "Flat Stanley" by Jeff Brown about a young boy named Stanley who is accidentally squished "as flat as a pancake" when a bulletin board falls on him. He then can do extraordinary things such as travel in an envelope, go under doors, etc.


1. Print out the Flat Blaze and cut it out.
2. Post this handsome Maverick in front of an awesome background - by himself, with you, or surrounded by lots of people. Be sure to tell us about the photo - especially the location!

3. Post it on Where in the World is Blaze Maverick? Flickr Group or email it to the Alumni Association and we will post it for you

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