The Rangers may have missed a win, but the ALUMNI put one in their win column!

August 26 at Globe Life Park was a rare night at the Park.  The temperature must have been specially ordered by our Treasurer for our first night outing with the Rangers.  Just under 60 Alumni took advantage of our free ticket offer to show Maverick pride and support for our Rangers.  Thanks to all who attended!

Best Photographer UTA ever had is leaving town?

Beth McHenry was such a great ambassador for our school.  She was one of the "Constants" that bridged classes and groups, creating that sense of community we became accustomed to and brought us back.  Word is that she is headed for greener pastures back east.  Many are the holes in the fabric of UTA and its community since so many positions and services were recently torpedoed.  There is no question that our increasingly fragmented community is the poorer for these losses.  Fair winds and following seas! 


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