Life Members

Showing your lifelong commitment to the University of Texas at Arlington through Life Membership in your UT Arlington Alumni Association is one of the greatest commitments you can make to your University. Below, you will find what we believe to be a current and complete list of our loyal Life Members. As you find this page, please check it for accuracy. [The color code is red for those we just received from the University, blue for those that were solely on our list and the green for those that I am still seeking some clarification for.] Thank you, Life Members, for your commitment to UT Arlington for life!

Update Information/Volunteer Form

The University of Texas at Arlington Alumni Association, Inc., is comprised solely of volunteers.  We strive to support our alumni, our University, and its students, but we are only able to accomplish our goals with the help of valued alumni like you.  We recognize that you have many commitments against your time and promise that we will not overburden you.