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SiNaCa - A great annual tradition - 2018 Version

The Association provided another of its totally free outings.  The ages ranged from Grandkids to Grandparents.  The Artists at SiNaCa, many UTA Alumni, provided an outstanding opportunity for us to once again expand our horizons in creating (with help) some truly beautiful artwork.  April 14 dawned chilly, which is perfect for hanging around a furnace made to melt glass.  Fun was had by all.  Keep in touch, and join us next year.  We had a Blast!



The scuttlebutt was that a change in Basketball was coming, likely another former Tech Assistant Coach.  We wish Coach Cross every success going forward.  He epitomized the Maverick tradition.  "We the willing, lead by the able, have done so much, with so little, for so long, we can do the damned near miraculous on a shoestring budget."  Thanks Coach, words simply cannot express what we feel.


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