2018 Scholarship Awards Evening

Friday night, April the 27th, we celebrated with some phenomenal awardees, representing the university quite well.  The decisions were difficult, and the awards well-deserved.  It was exciting to hear each person speak on where they expect themselves to be in ten years' time.  Once again, I am reassured that this school turns out some of the most extraordinary people anywhere.  Congratulations to Elida Sorto-Ramos for receiving a Frankie Hansell Trust scholarship, to Lauren Sorto-Ramos for being awarded both a Hansell Trust scholarship and the Michael and Jennifer Cathcart Scholarship, and to Sheida Khademi for receiving the Robert and Mary Ann Van Siclen Scholarship.   This is our second year back in the saddle for providing scholarships.  We are always looking for Alumni to help us in what we do.  If you are interested in meeting some of the finest students and greatest Alumni the world has to offer.... well, we aren't hard to find.

Thanks again to Terry and Sunny Graham for allowing us to make the Thornton Inn B&B our home and base of operations for this totally volunteer and independent organization, still doing good things for our Alumni: past, present and future.  

And to the folks at the Tin Cup... y'all do great sandwiches and snacks.  Thanks.